Going Carbon Neutral | Photography by Simon

Going Carbon Neutral

Total trees planted: 225
Trees planted this year: 16 in 14 countries.
Trees planted in 2021: 209 in 14 countries.

Going green and carbon neutral is now so important that I think it’s something we should all be doing to help our climate. Every change that I can make, no matter how small is something I am prepared to do. Along with signing up to programs that plant trees, I have also made changes to a number of aspects of my life and work. The below is a list of things I have changed so far:

I plan a tree every day using the TreeApp, a program that environmentally friendly companies pay for advertising, that payment includes planting a tree on your behalf.
Walking or cycling more often where possible.
Reduce the number of miles travelled in my car.
Buying more of my products that are not packaged in plastics.
Sourcing my food from local vegetable shops where packaging does not include plastics.
Reduce my consumption of meat.
Aiming to cut out all processed foods and food products (it’s a tough process - no pun intended).
Minimising flights where possible