My style and approachA few little things about me

Hi. I’m Simon. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. If you’ve made it this far, that’s great.

I’m not the sort of person that finds it easy to write about myself, so pop over to the testimonials page to see what others have to say about me and my work.

My approach

My approach

I’ve always aimed to photograph weddings the same way I would want to have my own shot, by blending in with your guests and photographing in an unobtrusive way. I know there are certain points in the day where there a little bit of co-ordination required, but overall, I’m there to capture things as they happen without getting in the way.

What is my style?

I don’t really have a single ‘style’, because each wedding is different and I aim to capture your day in a unique way with a mix of different types of images. I aim to get plenty of photos throughout the day that include a nice mix of natural / candid shots that truly reflect the fun and enjoyment of your wedding. I’ll also get some fine art / artistic shots to create some truly beautiful and timeless images that you will want to keep for every.

The end result is a beautiful collection of images that reflect the whole day that includes: natural/candid, artistic/fine-art, some posed and some group shots. All of these images will bring back your memories, emotions and feelings from your special day.

What is my style?
The obligatory group shots!

The obligatory group shots!

At every wedding, there is always that list (however short or long) of family photos that people want to get. However, there are ways to get these shots done in a way that is effortless, fun and still leaves you plenty of time for mingling with your guests (I’ll also make sure you have time to drink some champagne and eat those delicious canapés).

I have a technique and approach to group shots that allows me to get these done so fast, you and your guests will be relieved at how quickly they are done and out of the way.

Couples photos

When it comes to photographing the two of you together I aim to create images that you will want to keep forever. I don’t really pose you, as such, but more take you to a location and l just leave you to be yourselves. I might suggest a starting point for the image we are about to create, but I also look to get photos that reflect who you are as a couple, you’d be surprised how effortless it is to get great portraits on a wedding.

Couples photos

TestimonialsKind words from happy couples

Some other questions couples ask meClick the question to see the answer

Yes. I photograph throughout the whole of the U.K., Europe and worldwide. I love to travel and no where is too far away. For any wedding that is more than about 1 hour away, I will book a local hotel or AirBnB for the night before, so I am never more than about 15 or 20 minutes away.

I’ve been photographing weddings for over 20 years and I’ve photographed over 750 weddings in. I’ve seen pretty much everything that can happen at a wedding – and still got all the shots.

Yes. I have full professional photographic insurance that covers me for public liability and professional liability.

No. There are no hidden extras. My price includes all my costs, travel and accommodation. The only optional extra is whether or not you want a wedding album for your favourite memories (trust me, these albums are stunning).

Yes. I have some truly stunning Italian wedding albums that are available as an optional extra.

I love back and white, especially for portraits of people or creating mood. As I edit your wedding images, some will be black and white, some will be colour, and some will be both. You’ll have a collection of images to bring back all your memories and feelings from the day.

Absolutely not. It’s your day. I’ll photograph what you want, and I have ways of deflecting people away from you so you don’t get dragged into anything you don’t want.

I have a technique that allows me to get your group shots completed very quickly, effortless and in a fun way. Although I don’t recommend having a list that is too long, I can usually suggest times and places to get all the shots you want.

No matter who, where or when, the most important element for booking any photographer is that you should be happy with who they are. As a photographer, I am usually with you for the whole day, so it’s crucial you are comfortable with who you choose (we can have a zoom call before you decide to book me so you can see if you want me at your wedding).

Make sure you leave enough time between the ‘end’ of the ceremony and the ‘time you go in’ for food to do all that you want to do.

I have a gallery of example weddings from all around the U.K. at various locations and some destination weddings too.

No. I am with you for the day. I’ll start when you need me to start, and I’ll be with you well into the evening party so you get a collection of images that covers the whole day.

Yes. I have a drone and I have all the necessary paperwork for flying a drone. However, drone photography is included for free and is subject to time and weather conditions.

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  • I limit the number of weddings I photograph each year, so availability goes quickly
  • No time limit on the day
  • Over 750 happy couples in 12 different countries
  • Free Drone photography / videography included (weather and time permitted)
  • Only £1,200 for the whole day
  • 500+ beautiful images
  • A beautiful presentation box
  • A selection of printed photographs
  • No hidden extras
  • Over 1,065 trees planted to help the environment


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