Drone Photography & Videography

Drone Photography and VideographyFree for wedding couples that book me (weather and time permitting)

I’ve been flying drones for more than a decade now, and always aim to get some aerial photos and videos of your wedding, providing we have the weather for it (and time permitting). Drone photography and videography has become a special part of the package that I offer to couples.

I include this for free for every couple that books me to photograph their wedding day, as it’s a wonderful way to capture your special day and gives a unique and beautiful perspective of your venue.

Aerial shots of your venue

Aerial shots of your venue

There is nothing better than getting a shot from high above of your wedding venue. Especially when it’s a castle, or stately home. The perspective from high above is just breathtaking, and should not be missed.

I’ll aim to get different angles and perspectives so you can really appreciate just how stunning it looks.

Unique group shots

You don’t have to settle for boring group shots any more. With my drone, we can get some photos (and video) from high above so your photo of everyone can be something a little bit different.

It adds a unique image to the photos from your special day, and will be that extra special shot to remind you of everyone that was there with you.

Unique group shots
Be Dramatic

Be Dramatic

With a drone, we have the chance to get some really dramatic images of your wedding venue. Especially if we have a break in some really bad weather. People always ask me what happens if it rains on the day – well, with luck, if there is a break in the rain, I’ll send SAM up to get some really dramatic shots of your wedding venue.

Important questions about flying the droneClick the question to see the answer

Yes, I have full insurance including public liability insurance. I can provide a copy of my certificate for your venue.

Yes. There is no charge for flying the drone. It is included in the day for free. However, if the weather is bad, or there is not enough time, or if the location does not give permission, I will not fly the drone.

If it’s too windy, or raining it will not be possible to fly the drone. However, if there is a break in the weather, and there is enough time, I will fly the drone for a short period of time to try and get some shots.

It depends. There are some locations where it is not possible, or permitted to fly a drone. Such as:

  • close to airports
  • close to prisons
  • areas of restricted flying activity
  • power lines / cables / overhead cables
  • obstacles
  • high trees
  • etc.

Unfortunately, no. Due to the operating guidelines provided by the CAA and under the terms of the license and insurance I have, there are certain conditions that may prevent the drone from being flown on your day. This can include:

  • Weather
  • Wind
  • Time
  • Permission
  • Location
  • Restricted flying zones
  • Temporary flight restrictions in the area
  • Health and Safety

I have enough battery power on the day to fly for up to 45 to 50 minutes. However, the total flying time will depend on the plan for the day, the weather, and the location / venue and any other restrictions in place on the day or for the location.

I usually aim to take a few photos from different angles, and a few minutes of video.

There can be. It is customary to check for any temporary flight restrictions in the area and to perform a risk assessment on the day to ensure safe flying conditions. If I deem it unsafe to fly, the drone will not be used.

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  • I limit the number of weddings I photograph each year, so availability goes quickly
  • No time limit on the day
  • Over 750 happy couples in 12 different countries
  • Free Drone photography / videography included (weather and time permitted)
  • Only £1,200 for the whole day
  • 500+ beautiful images
  • A beautiful presentation box
  • A selection of printed photographs
  • No hidden extras
  • Over 1,065 trees planted to help the environment

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